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How YouAgile Works

Tell us your skills or core business and what you need done


Browse profiles, reviews, then hire or match your most

favorite business partner and start project


Use YouAgile platform to chat and share files with your business partner


Conclude your deal by choosing the agreement and payment system that suits you best

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YouAgile does not oblige its users to conclude the deal within the platform. This means that users can do freely the “b2b match” and contact the “business partner” in YouAgile. Subsequently agree with each other, outside of YouAgile’s platform, the methods of conducting the business. From the management of tasks and milestones to payment methods.

Remember that if you decide to do business outside the YouAgile’s platform, that you must archive or cancel the request (if you are a buyer) or the bid (if you are a supplier).

It is important to know that the conclusion of business outside of YouAgile:

  • does not entitle users of the Dispute Management service in the event of disputes between the parties involved in the deal

  • it is not possible to use the review system to increase user reputation

  • the personal dashboard will not be updated with data or reporting on concluded deals



The YouAgile’s Escrow System ensures a smooth and reliable workflow and transactions. With our protection, money is only paid for work you authorize.

In the event of disputes between the parties involved in the deal, YouAgile’s Legal Affairs Department is a neutral third party to resolve the debates.

Furthermore, concluding the deal in YouAgile using the Escrow System service can:

  • give credibility to the transaction or deal

  • increases the reputation of the parties involved through our review system

  • personal dashboard update

  • visibility of the deals concluded and consequently greater possibilities for new business opportunities in YouAgile

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