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Our territory is centered on trade unions, where any of them find their spaces to go straight to the point.

The YouAgile platform identifies and involves all Stakeholders as an element of guarantee and success. Supported by all public and private organizations that sustain the economic recovery, Category Associations, Professional Councils and Interdisciplinary consultants on Global level.

YouAgile was born already integrated by definition. To be Agile one needs to know the trajectories, the territory and do not run alone. Therefore, the identification and involvement of all Stakeholders by the YouAgile platform is an essential element to guarantee success.

As we have conveyed in the image, innovation with respect to the most sound commercial principles of the meaning of “do business”, traditional concept, future instruments.

Natural YouAgile Stakeholders, besides the players that constitute its essence: Entrepreneurs and Companies, Professionals, Start-ups, Investment funds and Banks, public and private organizations with interest in the economical recovery, Category associations, whether or not of companies or of Professional councils.

Multidisciplinary and international consulting organizations as ICMCI. But not forgetting the visionaries, the economists and the permanent observers of the social and economic mechanisms as the ODEC, or Professionals as the Universities.

Change Capital

Open Finance


Professional Association

Roll Studio

Digital Design

CMC - Global

Global Consulting Community




Global Policy Forum

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