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Introduce your professional and business network

to the easiest way to get deal done

Invite Your Business and Professional Network & Earney Money

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Referral Program

Terms & Conditions

How to Refer Your Friend, Professional and Business contacts

You can now introduce your friend, professional and business contacts to YouAgile and make money.


Each YouAgile user can do it in a simple way!


By copying the “Refer Link”  on your "My Membership Page" you can refer friends to YouAgile through your email contacts or your contacts on social networks.

Click Path: My Profile> My Membership > Member Links > Affiliate Report


We call “Referral” any of your friends who joins YouAgile following your introduction of YouAgile to the friend through this referral system. We call “Referrer” to the user who refers friends using the referral system. The referral system allows you to share the referral with your connections via an email message, or post the referral on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus LinkedIn and personal blogs.


You agree to use the referral system only with personal friends from your professional and business network, in line with the Terms od Service of YouAgile users.


Eligible Users - Limited Time Only

This referral program is open to registered YouAgile users (professionals and business only), for a time of your own membership plan, and we may withdraw or suspend this referral program (in whole or in part) at any time. The requirements and incentives are also subject to change at any time.

Earning Money

For any one of your Referrals registered in YouAgile you get 50% of the membership plan selected by them. You can see the tracking and your earn report on your dashboard (My Membership Plan)

How Do I Get Money?

On the 'My Membership' page you keep track of all the activities of your referral program. The total memberhip orders concluded by your invited contacts will appear here. 50% of all transactions concluded are your profit. Every day 1 of the month the transactions concluded during the previous month will be counted and the money will be sent to you by day 10.


Referrals Referred by Multiple Users

If your Referral was also referred by another user, you will earn only if the Referral registers based on your referral link.


If You've Been Invited to YouAgile Via a Referral

If you have completed the registration in YouAgile through the invitation of your contact, he will earn money and you will be part of our referral program. Therefore, you too can invite your contacts to subscribe to YouAgile and start earning.


Important Disclaimers

We reserve the right to suspend your account and remove referrals shopping credit entitlement should we notice any activity we determine contrary to the Referral Program terms and conditions or the YouAgile Terms of Service by the Referrer and/or Referral. We retain the right to investigate the participation in the Referral Program for any fraudulent activities and take any measures to end them. We reserve the right to amend or suspend this Referral Program at any time without notice.



Offer details

  • You can earn the invite reward multiple times — just invite more friends.

  • To count towards your reward, each friend who signs up using your referral link has to complete a membership plan to be considered as a qualified referral.

  • The standard reward amount is 50% of the monthly total order completed but the reward may vary in different regions, or during special promotional periods or campaigns. Different terms and conditions will be shown in the referral invitation or accompanying promotional materials.

  • The reward amount will be paid out to a bank account that is held in your own name

  • We reserve the right to remove access to the referral program or to refuse a reward if we suspect violation of terms or any activity we determine as abusive (for example, by inviting yourself, fictitious people, or already existing users) or damaging of the YouAgile brand (for example, in connection with sexually explicit, discriminatory or illegal content).

  • We reserve the right to modify the referral offer at any time. By continuing to invite friends after an update to the terms, you are indicating that you are accepting them.

  • We sometimes conduct tests to try different invite programs, and you could be part of one. As such we reserve the right to amend, alter or change the referral offer at any time.

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