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Early Adopters Programme: Yes you can, again.

The employment market has undergone a profound change since the beginning of the pandemic, leading more and more workers and companies to favour remote working and consequently decentralising employees and recruiting collaborators directly online, without the need to interview and set up meetings in person. The market for online services and goods grew by an estimated 60% between the end of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 compared to the pre-pandemic period.

However, most of the time the search for casual employees is complicated by the structure of online job sites and platforms for independent professionals. On these sites one is often inundated with job offers at low prices for the value of the product or service offered, or in the case of a recruiter one is faced with an avalanche of unqualified offers, thus wasting a lot of time in consulting and evaluating the most interesting profiles.

Without wasting too much time or risking hiring unqualified professionals, on YouAgile you will be able to find the most suitable business partner for your needs and requirements thanks to the precision matching integrated within the platform. YouAgile was created with the aim of facilitating the matching and matching of supply and demand, and its main focus is on professionals and companies. In fact, our primary objective was to create a business marketplace platform to incentivise and encourage players in the economic sector to meet only qualified and accredited partners (professionals or companies). In this way we want to promote and make available to all users a system that is based on win-win logic and therefore satisfies both parties involved in the commercial exchange.

But how does YouAgile work in concrete terms?

YouAgile is a platform that, through its embedded artificial intelligence system, generates value through a meritocratic method focused on valuing skills, abilities and reviews based on deals that are completed within the platform itself. YouAgile will be an agile, secure, skilled and international working environment, aimed at matching supply and demand - focused exclusively on doing business - stimulating the home office, reducing environmental impact and business costs for research, trade shows, lead generation programmes, national and international travel. A technological solution, encouraging smart working and home working, for professionals and companies offering or seeking qualified services.

The opportunity to publish, share or consult job offers in unlimited quantities will be included with the low-cost membership ($29.90 per year for professionals) along with your own virtual office complete with tools such as workspace, milestones management, document and information exchange, backoffice, payments, arbitration, fintech and insurtech. You can access all this at any time by simply entering your virtual office from the platform, the website, your smartphone or tablet. All of this without hidden costs or excessive fees retained by the platform on transactions made for the exchange of products and/or services.

YouAgile offers an innovative approach to address internationalisation and market digitisation in an effective, concrete and above all affordable way. The platform will in fact be characterised by a great influence on the actual operation by the end user, in order to guarantee a final product that meets expectations from a qualitative and operational point of view.

YouAgile was created to encourage interaction and exchange between its users, who also become the internal "thermometer" for studying improvements, bug fixes and implementing existing services.

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