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Eliminating Barriers: The Opportunities of Online Business Matchmaking

In YouAgile we believe that "technology is not synonymous with innovation but that innovation is the approach to reading new and old needs and how to meet them"

As with most sectors, the b2b market was also affected by the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions in Ukraine.

Some companies and professionals who already used communication technology have managed to adapt better, but the vast majority are still looking for efficient ways to continue doing business.

The restructuring of activities, processes and procedures is inevitable, and it is necessary to be rational about the available resources, to optimize processes and high costs.

Faced with this unstable scenario for everyone in the world, good business management in the midst of the crisis becomes essential, and will be a decisive factor in continuing to move forward in a sustainable way, albeit at slower speeds.

The Business Matchmaking Online it is an innovative and effective way to promote b2b interaction between companies, professionals and entrepreneurs, in order to enable new partnerships.

In times when traveling abroad becomes impractical and expensive (not just money, also time), YouAgile allows business to continue to run and the production machine to remain active. Yes, even from home ...!

Business Matchmaking is usually remembered to resemble famous networking, however, the approaches are totally different, because the environment for a Business Matchmaking is something done in a very well structured way.

When we talk about networking, we are referring to personal interactions, when we talk about YouAgile, we are talking about relationships between companies, professionals or investors with well-defined focus and objectives.

In a simple explanation, but which translates well, the mediation that the platform does is focused on promoting partnerships and business conclusions between businesses with common objectives, and all this takes place at a distance.

Furthermore, having a global reach, it is possible to keep in touch with managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from any part of the world.

With the fundamental support of increasingly technological tools and resources, the interaction process puts everyone on the same page, facilitating dialogue and information analysis even at a distance.

What can you do in YouAgile?

YouAgile simplifies the acquisition of business partnerships in the international market and offers useful tools for the growth of your business. Our members, businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and visionaries, can use YouAgile to:

- meet suppliers

- meet buyers

- hire professionals or freelancers

- apply for financial and insurance solutions

- activate digital services to optimize business processes

and much more to come soon!

How to join the YouAgile Business Community?

Each manager, company, professional or entrepreneur will fill in a personal registration, however representing a specific company, and this, after choosing the reference membership plan, will automatically insert it in a company or professional profile.

This registration becomes necessary for the interactions to be carried out with other users.

The user, after having posted his request, is also free to search on other profiles to find and invite those partners who are in line with what he is looking for. However, a notification system will alert all users with the required skills, products and services.

Furthermore, YouAgile , together with qualified partners, offers its users the possibility to request financial solutions for their business (fintech solutions), insurance and digital services for the optimization of workflows.

But does this platform do it all by itself?

It is an open innovation and intuitive platform, which was created specifically for this purpose, together with qualified partners and stakeholders, therefore it is composed of everything necessary for the match to take place with extreme ease.

The digital environment is increasingly becoming a channel of smart economy, eliminating the costs that usually generate physical negotiations, as well as the relative time savings. The fact that there is physical distance is no longer an obstacle to the conclusion of agreements.

An inclusive and open innovation platform

Many companies may feel that there is an obstacle to finding good partnerships with the international market. They may not be "big enough" to be able to contact partners outside of their own country.

YouAgile puts companies and professionals in a position where they can safely initiate external relationships. If the company does not yet have a well-known brand on the national territory, but manages to serve efficiently and understands that it has the opportunity to expand its business, it is ready to go further. Bringing partners across borders is now a real possibility for companies of different sizes and professionals, even if their brand is not yet a giant in the domestic market.

What companies really need is a "bridge" that can bring them to the right time and time and YouAgile can be just that.

In YouAgile, moreover, you can count on teams and an eco-system of companies and professionals who can help you throughout the process, in a personalized way, from contracts to payment methods.

Join us!

The way of doing business is constantly evolving, but for companies and professionals who want to grow beyond their borders, seeking the help of a Business Matchmaking platform like YouAgile can be the key to achieving this goal.

We live in an unstable moment of the world economy, therefore the reduction of costs and, above all, the saving of time, become fundamental for economic operators to be able to relate and understand that important partnerships can be signed even at a distance.

Straight to the point: do business!


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