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The Future of Work? Technology or People?

Digital is completely transforming the way people work across the globe and allowing people to become more interconnected. Machine automation takes away the stresses attached to manual labour and boosts productivity, increasing the value of an employee's output. Equally, automation outsources repetitive, time-consuming tasks, enabling employees to adapt and spend time on the things that matter.


At the centre of the change, business leaders must place their employees at the forefront, offering them support and new opportunities via digital upskilling. Investing in new initiatives to make processes more seamless for the business and employees is integral to the strategy. In addition, offering employees movement across the company by trialling different roles could inspire a greater sense of purpose and excitement.


Companies should also invest in their team through training, technology, and new team members. Digital transformation can feel daunting to employees, and it is key to offer training to help employees use technology within their daily roles. At the same time, business leaders must not expect their employees to know everything, so recruiting experts to handle the heavy data and interconnected systems could bring added value.


Harnessing a culture of continuous improvement encourages staff members to develop their skills further. Businesses that offer staff the time to share their knowledge create a love of learning, growth and leadership. From this, employees can apply their knowledge to new projects within the business, giving employees a sense of autonomy over their work rooted in purpose.


For businesses to differentiate themselves, they must devise a data strategy that clarifies to all employees how to embrace technology confidently. Implementing finance systems and data that support business growth and productivity while reducing workplace stress is essential. Of course, business owners cannot expect their existing staff to know how to use data. Still, they should offer their employees opportunities to gain data accuracy, connectivity and access across the business for greater fulfilment.


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