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Professionals and freelancers: your time has come!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the job market has undergone a major change, due both to the need for people to continue working remotely and the need for companies and professionals to develop their work in a different way.

This transformation started with the professions that were already divided between freelancers and employees before the pandemic, i.e. those professions that were mainly related to the web as well as to social networks. These professions were already set up to overturn the paradigm of the labour market, so that while previously companies had a few jobs for many candidates, today a few freelancers can be contacted by several companies to do the same job.

The pandemic, as well as decentralising work from offices, has created an even stronger demand for this category of workers. Indeed, every company has had to improve or even create from scratch an online business line to continue to make a profit or to digitise a pre-existing activity. Just think of the closure of gyms, with sports centres and personal trainers organising themselves to sell and or run their courses in live video on social networks or via online broadcasting tools.

The so-called gig economy found fertile ground on the web after nearly every company turned to it due to the circumstances resulting from the pandemic. However, this has led to two other important considerations to be taken into account: traditional workers have begun to tend more towards self-employment and companies have begun to look for more specialised profiles, but with whom they can have less stable relationships and more linked to the needs of the moment.

The uncertainty of the pandemic situation has led both workers and companies to look around more easily and more broadly at the online and freelance job market, now across all sectors.

For these reasons, the idea of a platform like YouAgile was born.

In a hyper-connected world, it is essential to know how to find the right path to focus personal energies on work that can be appreciated and rewarded. YouAgile is the online marketplace platform that brings together workers, companies and entrepreneurs for complete integration and to facilitate the exchange of resources and services in a simple, fast and agile way. A new economic eco-system in which you can find your business partner and complete assignments are the objectives put at the centre of the user experience, to get straight to the point: doing business and boosting economic recovery.

YouAgile offers businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs the possibility to have tools and provide useful services for an effective and immediate economic recovery. It streamlines time and resources with affordable membership costs, promotes equality and openness of opportunity by ensuring greater national visibility and facilitating international trade. In this way, all members experience YouAgile in a win-win logic and are actively involved in creating the conditions for a new way of being and doing marketplace to get straight to the point: doing business.

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