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YouAgile: A new approach to b2b marketplace

In times of economic crisis and high volatility, it is even more necessary to weigh up and assess the risks involved in building a new business partnership or expanding one's reach within the market. The buying and selling of goods and services online is expected to grow by around 60% between the end of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 compared to the pre-pandemic period.

The world has changed, the need to for doing business has not. Being able to meet a qualified business partner and communicate in a direct and business-oriented way to create new productive paths for both parties has certainly become more complicated, especially if we think of how many opportunities for business meetings - trade fairs, festivals and various events - have been lacking in the last year and a half. For these reasons, it is important to have tools that are easy to use, connected and based on the market's primary need for recovery: doing business.

YouAgile was created to offer qualified professionals, companies, investors and startuppers the opportunity to meet and forge profitable relationships thanks to the accurate matching system integrated into the platform: a space in which to move around easily to find your ideal business partner. In fact, our primary objective was to create a business marketplace platform to encourage and foster high quality matching, thus allowing players in the economic sector to meet only qualified and accredited partners (professionals or companies).


With an affordable registration fee (free of charge when registering as a startup) YouAgile provides an accessible and easy-to-use digital marketplace and office to get straight to the point: doing business. Once you sign up, you simply need to enter your product or service offering, complete your profile by adding skills, qualifications and competencies and you're done. No matter what your offer, market or target audience, YouAgile is there to facilitate and create new business connections between supply and demand. YouAgile wants to promote and make available to all users a system that is based on win-win logic and therefore satisfies both parties involved in the commercial exchange. The smart nature of the platform makes it an innovative marketplace that is always evolving and, above all, easy to use so as not to waste time and to get straight to the point: this is the YouAgile philosophy.

The goal of YouAgile will always be to create profitable relationships between individuals and businesses, without any additional cost. YouAgile presents itself as a highly inclusive marketplace that is open to any possible supply or demand on the market, wanting to include all the players in the global economic system with the intention of connecting them and generating value and profit for each of them. Skills, qualifications and concreteness are the prerequisites for establishing the best possible match between supply and demand within YouAgile.

YouAgile will be a technological solution, encouraging smart working and home working, for professionals and companies offering or seeking qualified services, focused exclusively on the one goal we set ourselves every day: doing business.

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