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YouAgile Early Adopters: Moving to the goal together

YouAgile is the business marketplace platform that promotes matching between supply and demand, focusing on b2b matching and for qualified professionals and certified companies.

The platform running is closely linked to the skills, competences and the exchange of requests and offers made by users.

The user is really the one who defines the proper functioning and/or improvement of the platform, both because the platform will be focused on the end-user experience and because through the Early Adopters programme it is possible for some users to preview YouAgile's functionality and features.

So why become an early adopter?

Early adopters are professionals, entrepreneurs, companies or investors who, by accessing the early adopters programme from our website, will have exclusive preview access to all YouAgile features. The opportunity provided by our programme lies not only in the testing of the platform, but through a feedback system with the YouAgile team you can help us to improve the functionality and features that you think should be added or implemented within our marketplace.

Being an early adopter means joining the revolution straight through the front door, without delay and the way we like it: straight to the point. Our main goal is to enable our users to make money, but don't worry: there will be no insane percentages retained by the platform or exorbitant membership fees. For the first 6 months, registration and access to the platform and marketplace will be completely free of charge. After that period, the registration fee will be €29.99 per year for professionals and €99.90 per year for companies.

This small sum will give access to a huge portfolio of offers, applications and profiles that will be evaluated by the platform and its AI system, but above all will be ranked by other users thanks to the review system integrated into YouAgile. Inoltre, l’iscrizione consentirà di accedere – da smartphone, tablet o desktop – al proprio ufficio virtuale, completo di tools e in totale sicurezza.

Within YouAgile, we want users to decide the direction in which the platform will evolve, as evidenced by the early adopters programme with its feedback system and the crucial importance of reviews in ranking user efficiency.

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