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YouAgile: Easy and digital internationalisation

During times of great economic crisis and volatility, changing your point of view and approaching foreign markets can be a winning choice. Too often, however, when it comes to the internationalisation of companies, we hear the usual refrain about the risks, the costs and how much of an unknown factor it is to rush headlong into a new adventure without any knowledge of the target market. Undoubtedly, some of these considerations remain well-founded, but just imagine if exporting one's own products were possible with just one click.

YouAgile was created to give all players in the global economic market the opportunity to expand their business beyond national or continental borders that hold them back and expose them to price increases, market saturation or internal crises. This characteristic of international potential and the breaking down of trade barriers is due to the platform's openness, which encourages and facilitates trade in both goods and services at a global level.

YouAgile was created to connect business activities, people and assets around the world, to enable all our users to meet in a single, reliable and secure place to resume and implement business activities. Improve and expand in a sustainable and lasting way if you have never stopped, resume work immediately if you have suffered a stop. YouAgile is the answer to building business pathways in the post-COVID19 era, but it is also an innovative, powerful approach to safely market, sell and buy internationally and interactively with the multi-disciplinary resources and innovative approach to technology that are needed today to stay on the market, at all levels.

Being agile means not looking at obstacles as difficulties to be overcome, but studying an alternative path to reach your goal. YouAgile is the medium we want to make available to the international business community, the real and only goal being to do business without mincing words, getting straight to the point. An international environment with all the benefits of the case, accessible from the comfort of a PC, tablet or smartphone and enabling:

  • a user journey without commercial distractions, networking and often self-referential personal branding strategies.

  • access to a tailor-made office complete with the necessary tools (work room, meeting room, exchange of documents and information, payments, etc.) to provide and purchase services or complete an exchange of goods or products.

  • an environment of trust, transparency and accredited users, in which self-referentiality is replaced by user feedback/reviews.

  • submit their innovative projects as start-ups or industrial and/or commercial expansion projects for funding. Straight to the point: doing business.

A technological solution, encouraging smart working and home working, for professionals and companies offering or looking for qualified services, with a fundamental turnaround, i.e. not exclusively oriented towards ICT or Digital Marketing, avoiding low services, but focusing on the exchange of real value for both parties involved. A solution for companies to meet suppliers, distributors and importers. An incubator of new ideas for the businesses of tomorrow.

YouAgile will be an agile, secure, qualified and internationally oriented working environment, aimed at matching supply and demand, focused exclusively on doing business by stimulating the home office, reducing environmental impact and business costs. To move safely and decisively in the international market, it is essential to be agile.

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