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YouAgile improves the effectiveness of your smart working

For more than a year now, we have been hearing constantly about the dynamics - social, economic and labour - of an increasingly widespread practice that is capable of creating a radical division among those involved: we are talking about smart working or remote working. The controversies of this practice are mainly linked to employees: in fact, companies have often been unable to provide their employees with the appropriate technological support. This has led on the one hand to frustration and dissatisfaction at not achieving certain goals on time, and on the other to the evidence of how necessary it is to have shared tools that are within the reach of all workers and above all easy to use or user-friendly. Not everyone is a fan of technology and software, but this does not mean that everyday work has to become a nightmare.

YouAgile is the user-friendly online marketplace for everyone, including digital neophytes. It is important to recognise everyone's need for increasing digitalisation, without having preconceptions about those who have not yet had the need or the desire to take a step towards the digital world and have been forced into it during the pandemic. In order to meet the needs of those who are not too familiar with the means and methods of the Internet of Things, YouAgile has a simple, intuitive structure that doesn't mince words, but gets straight to the point: doing business.

Increasing the efficiency and productivity of your smart working and home office is one of the objectives of YouAgile, which will offer its users a marketplace platform where filling in your profile with skills, competencies and qualifications and setting up your supply/demand will be the only things to worry about. The only activity to be carried out "like in the old days" will be the evaluation of your ideal business partner: qualifications, experience and skills will be the basis on which to build a profitable relationship for both parties and for this YouAgile leaves absolute freedom in the choice of business partner, also providing the possibility to evaluate based on previous reviews written by other users.

YouAgile, therefore, aims to be the answer to the need to simplify and improve smart working, with a new way of doing marketplace, incentivising the home office and simplifying activities and lead generation costs for professionals and businesses. The easy-to-use marketplace that gets straight to the point: doing business. How?

Each user will be provided with a tailor-made office with the tools needed to safely complete the decision-making processes of research, purchase, provision and payment for the products and services supplied and/or purchased. The office - as well as the platform - is accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets and allows users to consult, publish offers and conclude deals comfortably and wherever they are. The tools within the virtual office include a work room, meeting room, and the possibility of exchanging documents and detailed information with business partners while remaining within the platform. All this allows you to work easily, quickly and wherever you are, i.e. in an agile way.

YouAgile aims to become the smart marketplace of reference for an entire eco-system. Here, companies, professionals, entrepreneurs and startuppers will be the protagonists of a new way of doing business. In a simple and secure way, the focus will be exclusively on matching supply and demand. It's easy, it's online: it's YouAgile.

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