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YouAgile: increase your business worldwide

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the market for online products and services has experienced a growth that no one could have predicted, helping to stem the draining of the economic system, especially in the digital, e-commerce and import-export sectors.

According to the Digital Export Observatory of the "Politecnico di Milano" institute, the value of Italian digital exports of consumer goods in 2020 reached €13.5 billion, accounting for +9% of total exports of consumer goods and +3% of total exports since the outbreak of the pandemic. Digital exports also play a strategic role in the 4% growth rate forecast for Italy in 2021: online sales by Italian companies in 2020 grew by 14%, while 2021 is drawing to a close with a BTC e-commerce value of almost €39 billion, up +19% on the previous year.

But how can we further drive growth in these areas?

In addition to organising one's business, it is essential to recognise, find and choose the most suitable distribution channels that can connect companies and entrepreneurs to the general public on the web. It is therefore important to have tools that are easy to use, connected and based on the market's primary need for recovery: doing business.

This is the reason why YouAgile was created.

YouAgile offers qualified professionals, companies, investors and startuppers the opportunity to meet and forge fruitful relationships thanks to the accurate matching system integrated into the platform. An international, open and exclusively business-oriented place to move around in an agile way to find your ideal business partner.

In addition, YouAgile aims to provide the most advanced technology services, from fintech to business intelligence, in an agile, integrated and easy-to-use environment for all its users. Companies, professionals and startuppers will be connected within an interconnected environment and provided with the best "tool kit" for any online business. All this will be available from the comfort of your PC or smartphone, from which you will always be connected with your digital office at your fingertips.

However, the technological potential of YouAgile does not oblige users to experiment with its uses if they are not interested. The flexibility of the platform means that users can also simply access the marketplace to buy or provide services and/or buy and sell products worldwide. If one day you would like to take on new challenges, you can experiment with new services and technologies that will be integrated into the YouAgile platform. All this without losing sight of the platform's purpose: to do business, anywhere in the world and whatever your product or service.

A technological solution, encouraging smart working for professionals and companies offering or looking for qualified services, with a fundamental turnaround, i.e. not exclusively oriented towards ICT or Digital Marketing, avoiding low-cost services, but focusing on the exchange of real value for both parties involved. A solution for companies to meet suppliers, distributors and importers on an international level, in a smart and agile way.

After all, being agile is also about not setting limits.

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