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YouAgile: market recovery through innovation

During times of great economic crisis, changing one's point of view and consequently developing a greater open-mindedness can lead one to view problems differently, to the point of seeing a possible solution. This mechanism, inherent in the human and some animal minds, has very deep roots in the evolution of our intellect and works incredibly well. If, for example, to reach a point of arrival (B) from a point of departure (A) we know only one path, what will we do if this path is no longer viable?

In difficult situations every living being is subjected to severe stress: habits, routines and every 'familiar' situations break down and a solution is urgently needed.

The best athletes in certain disciplines say that they rely - in the most difficult moments - on an ever-increasing level of mental concentration, to the point where they no longer feel physical pain and worry in order to visualize only their ultimate goal.

YouAgile is no different: the goal of the global marketplace is to close deals and make money, no matter how, when or where. That's what we're all about: doing business anywhere, anytime, in an agile way.

To apply the above to the world of business in these times of global crisis, however, we need more than just proclamations and focus. We need to apply the most innovative and creative aspects of the reality around us to our ultimate goal: doing business.

This is why YouAgile has emphasised the aspect of innovation within its online marketplace, in terms of the structure and inner workings of the platform, wanting to maintain priority for the ultimate goal of all players in the business community: getting straight to the point and closing deals to keep the global economic system healthy.

Adapting traditional practices and business models to the digital world, which has become an integral part of our lives, is possible within YouAgile thanks to the simple and intuitive nature of our marketplace.

This is in fact a place open to any business proposal from and to professionals, companies and startuppers, which aims to bring together all these players to ensure that supply and demand can meet quickly, efficiently and at virtually no cost.

YouAgile wants to use the economic and social change and evolution brought about by technological development as a tool to breathe new life into the global economic market, aiming straight at the common goal of companies and professionals: doing business, despite everything. As we all know, the pandemic has reduced the possibility of taking part in social and business events, thus reducing the possibility of expanding one's pool of professional contacts. With YouAgile, not only will this problem be eliminated, given the great versatility of products/services that can be purchased within the marketplace, but it will become a secondary problem: YouAgile's goal is to first and foremost create business relationships between the best possible partners according to one's requirements. The human relationship between the parties is not forgotten, but simply left in the background and at the discretion of the users, who can always consolidate a fruitful friendship after closing a good deal for both.

With the desire to include and analyse all players in the economic market, YouAgile provides them with an open platform to aggregate supply and demand from the most diverse stakeholders in the global economy, while increasing the percentage of matching that can create value and profit for both parties.

YouAgile is the medium, the business will always be the ultimate goal.

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