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YouAgile: move with agility in the b2b marketplace

From the first contact, starting with the research for products or services, to the payment transaction YouAgile aims to offer its users an accessible space where moving in the direction of their business becomes easier, in a word: agile. This is how we thought about recovery for the global market: in an agile, simple and transparent way, getting straight to the point.

In YouAgile you will find an international environment, where you can meet qualified professionals, companies that buy/sell products and services and startuppers who want to expand their network of contacts for the funding of their innovative idea. This is because YouAgile wants to interact directly with the real players in the economic system to encourage and stimulate the recovery of economic activity in the post-covid era.

We believe that the best way to always have the right opportunity for your business is to find the most qualified partner for what we are looking for, be it the right buyer for our product/service or a professional to serve our company.

The purpose of YouAgile is to facilitate these connections within an environment where competence, skill and the quality of the products or services offered are put first, so that the volume of business is the exclusive result of a virtuous economic cycle that is self-sustaining once it is brought into full swing.

YouAgile wants to make the change and the economic and social evolution caused by technological development a tool to breathe new life into the global economic market, aiming straight at the common goal of companies and professionals: doing business, despite everything.

This is why YouAgile has emphasised the aspect of innovation within its online marketplace, in terms of the structure and inner workings of the platform, wanting to maintain priority for the ultimate goal of all players in the business community: getting straight to the point and closing deals to keep the global economic system healthy.

YouAgile is the innovative online marketplace that recognises the most qualified and experienced professionals. For the development and best performance of the platform for private users and companies, YouAgile has been configured as an environment where qualifications and skills are indeed the first business card of professionals and companies. In order to allow the best possible match between supply and demand, we believe it is necessary to know your business partner as well as possible and to be able to compare them with the needs and requirements expressed.

For this reason, YouAgile technology provides its users with the tools they need to meet their ideal business partners to sell or buy goods and services in an agile and reliable manner in a safe and efficient environment that benefits all parties involved. YouAgile aims to give value to its users, to ensure that the reliability and transparency of the experiences and exchanges that occur within our marketplace are at the best possible level for both sides. The best promotion that can be achieved on the platform are in fact reviews from the users with whom you interact when concluding a deal.

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