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YouAgile: shape your online future

The technology industry is constantly evolving and constantly challenges users, the end beneficiaries of every service and technological tool, to be constantly updated and ready for change in order to keep up with technological evolution. The importance of online business development has had an incredibly positive impact, during and after the pandemic, and has opened up new horizons to the possibility of creating value and generating profit.

In 2021, the online sales of products and services grew by 21% compared to last year, a sign that the pandemic was only the beginning of what can in effect be a consolidation and standardisation of a sector that still shows ample room for growth.

It is for these reasons that YouAgile is taking its place within the business marketplace as an innovative platform, capable of responding to the needs of the present and with the aim of setting a standard of quality and open opportunities for the near future. By accessing the platform - from desktop, smartphone or tablet - it will be immediately possible to send and consult offers and/or buy and sell products from all over the world. In addition, with YouAgile we aim to connect professionals, companies, entrepreneurs and startuppers within a single environment in order to resume and boost business activities and to encourage a consolidated recovery of the enterprise sector.

The primary focus of YouAgile, like any business, is to make deals. For this reason, there is no need for personal branding or communication, as is the case on some social networks. The only factor that allows users to stand out and position themselves positively within the platform is the quality of their product, their qualifications and/or skills, and therefore the main goal of each user will be to acquire an increasingly positive reputation.

As users gain a positive reputation it will be easier to connect with companies and new business partners or vice versa. This does not mean that new users cannot find and complete the most suitable deals for their line of business, if they are qualified consultants, professionals or companies. For YouAgile it is essential to ensure extremely open access to business opportunities, which is why the existing system of reviews to record a history of the reliability and quality of services offered will not be the sole and main factor in the combination of business partners in our integrated matching system.

YouAgile focuses on the quality of the services offered by qualified and certified professionals, verified companies and at the service of investors, entrepreneurs and startuppers who are looking for new opportunities or new territories on which to land to do business, our only concrete objective shared with users.

Future is shaped day by day, and with YouAgile, professionals, companies and startuppers will be able to use their experience and the quality of the product or service they offer to expand their line of business, creating and consolidating their position in the online market over time.

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