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YouAgile: the ideal environment for your business growth

Speaking about economic growth these days is pure utopia.

Apart from the very few sectors that have seen an increase in turnover during the lockdown period and in the months that followed, most professionals and companies have seen their turnover shrink. In the worst case scenario, some colleagues, suppliers or customers had to close their businesses. This has also happened because of the economic system in which businesses find themselves, which cannot be stopped and restarted simply like a computer programme. The global economic system is very complex, it has an adaptive nature yes, but it cannot withstand a backlash that comes from prolonged closure of economic and commercial activities for many months.

There is a need for a more open, dynamic environment that allows all users to find a connection with the professional or company they are looking for. This environment is YouAgile.

An environment where you can meet qualified professionals, companies that buy/sell products and services and startuppers who want to expand their network of contacts for the funding of their innovative idea. YouAgile wants to present itself to these figures - the real protagonists of the economic system - as a collector of interests, job offers, short and long-term partnerships to guarantee a win-win outcome at the end of the interaction between users.

YouAgile also aims to simplify the internationalisation of markets, wanting to connect without the need for transoceanic travel the most diverse economic realities that wish to expand their range of action or their offer of products from foreign countries. Opening your mind and the doors of your business to new and unfamiliar cultures and customs can certainly be a useful key to getting out of a period of crisis like the one we are currently experiencing. This is even more valid if you think you can contact - for example - an Australian supplier from a Swiss canton or vice versa, from the comfort of your computer or smartphone by logging into YouAgile.

In addition to the convenience of your own bespoke virtual office, YouAgile offers the opportunity to work in a system designed exclusively for doing business and getting straight to the point. This is why it has been designed and built as an environment of trust, given its nature based on the importance of feedback and reviews. Only by rewarding a fair match, for both parties, between supply and demand will the platform be able to gradually establish more and more precise and therefore potentially profitable connections between the parties. In this way, we have made YouAgile a platform that is absolutely characterised by transparency and meritocracy, which at the same time are integrated into the competitive spirit of the business world.

YouAgile will be the new ideal working environment for the recovery or growth of your business because it is safe, qualified and international.

Starting exclusively from the matching of supply and demand, therefore focused primarily on closing business, encouraging home office and smart working, while reducing the environmental impact and costs of business activities for research, trade fairs, national and international travel. A technological solution that is always at hand, suitable for professionals and businesses that offer or seek qualified services, with high reliability and secure economic value in the exchange between the parties.

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