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YouAgile: the new place for the online marketplace

When we visit platforms that propose the development and/or search for business or work online, we are often faced with extravagant offers of courses, posts and videos of an exclusively self-referential nature and with the sole aim of personal branding. Real jobseekers are therefore inundated with an avalanche of information, proposals and requests that are nothing more than a waste of time for the user who is strictly looking for a job.

In other cases, however, a low-cost product-oriented policy remains widespread, which especially in the case of services such as consultancy and development of digital products (websites, apps, etc.) proves to be a bad choice in terms of the quality of the end result obtained. In addition, the services offered are often exclusively geared towards digital marketing and advertising or the creation of blogs and websites, with absolutely no consideration of other areas and above all relying exclusively on internal reviews without providing users with the possibility of ranking themselves according to their skills, certifications and qualifications.

YouAgile is the innovative platform that responds to the need to connect professionals, companies, entrepreneurs and startuppers within a single environment in order to resume and boost business activities, to encourage a rapid recovery of the business segment. Furthermore, the innovative structure of our business-oriented online marketplace aims to set a standard of quality and open opportunities for the near future. By logging into the platform - from your desktop, smartphone or tablet - you will be able to send and view offers and/or buy and sell products from all over the world.

The primary goal of YouAgile, like any business, is closing deals. That's why we will never ask our users to post statuses or personal updates outside of business, or to create content to try and attract more followers. The only differentiating factor within the platform is the quality of one's product, qualifications and/or skills and therefore the main goal of each user will be to acquire an increasingly positive reputation in order to gain greater authority within our marketplace. Being agile also means offering equal opportunities to all players in the business sector who want to offer their services and/or products within our marketplace, to expand or restart their business. Thanks to its natural integration, the platform will be able to quickly determine which business partners or products might be most suitable for each user, so as to offer the most accurate matching possible on every occasion.

This is the business model we mean to be agile: one place where you can choose and meet your business partners and cooperate to achieve your goals. All of this takes place thanks to the innovative and dynamic integrated matching system, in security and confidence of operation, legality and compliance with international standards to guarantee our users an experience exclusively oriented towards the main objective: doing business.

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