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YouAgile: The online future of work

In recent times, the importance of technology and online business development has had an incredibly positive impact and has opened new horizons to the possibility of creating value and profit through the opportunities offered by the internet.

However, a low-cost product-oriented policy remains widespread, but especially in the case of services such as consultancy and development of digital products (websites, apps, etc.) proves to be a bad choice in terms of the actual quality of the end result obtained.

As a matter of fact, young people from developing countries (India and Bangladesh above all) often take on these tasks, beating out the competition by offering a very low price, but just as often not being able to meet the demands placed on them.

In addition, the services offered are very much limited to digital marketing and advertising or the creation of blogs and websites, with absolutely no consideration of other areas and above all relying exclusively on internal reviews without providing users with the possibility of ranking themselves according to their skills, certifications and qualifications obtained in the 'real world'.

YouAgile is the innovative platform that meets the needs of the present and aims to set a standard of quality and open opportunities for the near future. By accessing the platform - from your desktop, smartphone or tablet - you will be able to send and consult offers and/or buy and sell products from all over the world. In addition, YouAgile aims to connect professionals, companies, entrepreneurs and startuppers within a single environment to resume and stimulate business activities, to encourage a rapid recovery of the business sector.

Whatever your location may be, YouAgile offers you the opportunity for accurate B2B and business-to-business matching. Being agile also means being open-minded and that's why YouAgile wants to offer equal opportunities to anyone who wants to offer their services and/or products within our marketplace. Thanks to its natural integration, the platform will be able to quickly determine which business partners or products might be most suitable for each user, so as to offer the most accurate matching possible on every occasion.

YouAgile's primary goal, like any type business, is to make deals. For this reason, we will never ask our users to post personal statuses or updates outside of work, or to exchange political or cultural opinions. The only differentiating element within the platform is the quality of one's own product, qualifications and/or skills and therefore the main goal of each user will be to acquire an increasingly positive reputation in line with one's own customers and/or service providers.

When a user acquires a positive reputation, it will be easier to connect with companies and/or vice versa. However, this does not prevent new users from finding and completing the most suitable deals for their line of business, if they are consultants or qualified professionals or companies. Another YouAgile's goal is to ensure extremely open access to business opportunities, which is why the existing review system to record a history of the reliability and quality of the services offered will not be the main factor in the combination of business partners in our integrated matching system.

YouAgile focuses on the quality of the services offered by qualified and certified professionals, verified companies and at the service of investors, entrepreneurs and startuppers who are looking for new opportunities or new territories on which to land to do business, our only concrete and shared objective.

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