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YouAgile: where quality matters

The business marketplace platforms currently on the market are generally ruled by a policy that allows broad access, both for providers and users of services, but at the same time shows their weaknesses and gaps. We could define this policy as low cost oriented, i.e. oriented to provide a service by a "professional" at the lowest possible cost price within a range set by the buyer. In a nutshell, anyone looking for a service proposes a price range that they are willing to spend and will punctually find themselves full of proposals at the lowest price, from young and unqualified people. These workers allow platforms to have a great popularity, but at the same time condemn them to a role of 'labour discounts'. If we look at these offers, we know we will find a lower than average price with a quality of service that will also fall short of our expectations.

YouAgile aims to position itself within the range of business marketplace platforms, from a perspective that - contrary to the above - wants to encourage and reward skills, professional qualifications, meritocracy and proven professionalism of professionals and workers from different sectors such as business consultancy, internationalisation of companies and many others. In this way, competition will not be based solely on the lowest cost price for the service offered, but on the actual skills and qualifications of the professional you wish to hire.

YouAgile thus becomes - in addition to a digital marketplace platform - a guarantor of a quality service, provided by our users to benefit other users. In this virtuous eco-system that we want to create, in fact, each user will be directed by and/or towards the most suitable business partner - professional or company depending on the case - according to various factors. The integrated matching system works according to two general principles: firstly, quality matching, in order to provide the most qualified business partner according to one's own request and the users' qualifications/skills; secondly, the reviews provided by the users will be decisive in ensuring the best ranking of users with the best reviews in the platform's matching.

Thanks to the technologies integrated within the YouAgile platform, we want to create a meritocratic, connected and international economic eco-system. From anywhere in the world you connect to YouAgile, thanks to the system integrated into the platform, we will be able to provide an accurate matching of supply and demand, published on the home page and therefore easily and quickly consulted in order to make agreements or start profitable business paths.

This is the innovation in which YouAgile wants to play a leading role, placing itself at the service of its users as a tool to be used for the sole objective shared with the platform's users: to do business without mincing words, getting straight to the point. The prize we want to achieve is to see a greater opening of job opportunities for qualified and certified online professionals and companies, keeping the competition fair and based on meritocracy and not on low cost oriented politics. With YouAgile we don't just want to make a profit for our users, we want to educate a generation to reward quality services, looking beyond the price range.

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