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Policymakers In Achieving The 2030 Agenda

At the end of our editorial meetings with the YouAgile Team - do you know those who are always with their nose down on the platform? Indeed, they - the need to talk about the positioning of our platform in the landscape of sustainable development has emerged.

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as an integrated and coherent set, represents a major challenge to all countries. Addressing interactions between economic, social and environmental goals in a balanced manner, while avoiding negative effects on the wellbeing of people here and now, elsewhere and later, has been recognised by many countries as one of the most difficult challenges to implementing the SDGs.

“ The OECD Recommendation on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development (PCSD) is the culmination of more than 20 years of lessons learnt in promoting policy coherence. As a joint proposal from the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and the Public Governance Committee (PGC), the Recommendation draws on the DAC peer reviews as well as on country experiences in the PGC. It responds to the growing demand by OECD Members and non-Members to deal with the “how” of coherent 2030 Agenda implementation.” [ source ]

YouAgile, to do its part, has adopted the recommendations addressed to the public context because the platform was created to move the economy in an international context and for interaction between all stakeholders.

The OECD Recommendation presents a set of eight principles for promoting PCSD, which are organised under three main pillars. It calls on Adherents to develop:

1. A strategic vision for implementing the 2030 Agenda underpinned by a clear political commitment and leadership to enhance policy coherence for sustainable development.

2. Effective and inclusive institutional and governance mechanisms to address policy interactions across sectors and align actions between levels of government.

3. A set of responsive and adaptive tools to anticipate, assess and address domestic, transboundary and long-term impacts of policies.

On the last point, YouAgile helps with the tools and services of International Hub to identify opportunities and create a supply chain to achieve the goal of doing business and doing it in the right and sustainable way.

See you soon,

yours Editor


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