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STRONGER supply chains in demand

The international research ( eg.OECD, ISTAT, STATISTIC) shows that collaboration between the supplier and customer reduces costs and risks by at least 17 per cent. Effective collaboration contributes to supply chain resilience and helps avoid future disruptions.

Incentives need to be created to encourage this collaboration. Digitization of the economy will also contribute to better transparency, traceability and affordability in global supply chains.

Building effective collaboration means rewarding responsible and long-term management of global supply chains and sharing of tolls, values and secure setting. Global supply chains should promote sharing the gains and the pains among buyers and suppliers.

When we came up with a marketplace platform as YouAgile, we had in mind the the business world in its best sense and inclusiveness. The world needs robust supply chains that are founded on sustainability, collaboration, transparency, visibility and diversification of supply. a brief reading of this article “Stepping Up Marketing Efforts To Accelerate Supply Chain Sustainability And Stability” to understand how this topic also affects newspapers such as Forbes

That new model of supply and demand matching could help to combat economic fragility, climate change and inequality and support the global and local supply chains.Global supply chains connect businesses and markets across all layers of economic, social and ecological systems. That means customers, governments and other stakeholders should encourage the emergence of robust and sustainable supply chains.

A digital Business activities, combine with a genuine sustainable traditional ways of supply chains, has the potential to contribute to economic progress and societal well-being while maintaining the environmental integrity of the planet and contributes to resilience. YouAgile Buyers and suppliers can enjoy higer service levels, increase their product availability and greb reduction costs if they work together in a single place, “same page”.

Incentives need to be created to encourage this collaboration. Digitization of the economy, as mentioned previously, could be a great resource also for SMEs and Professionals.

Nonetheless, moving towards robust global supply chains isn’t straightforward because historically, they’ve been focused on short-term rewards. For decades, we’ve justified the development of fragile and fragmented global supply chains in the name of economic growth and financial efficiency. This may have provided short-term benefits, but it has created our current supply chain crisis.

Will that crisis reveal an opportunity?

YouAgile wants to contribute to the answer.


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