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We Are Open: Gianluca Tells Us

Today we in the blog editorial team (E) do not have a theme: we have a person, Dr. Gianluca Schepis (G), YouAgile's Master Mind.

Because? Because YouAgile is now online. Status: we are open.

E. Gianluca we have your permission for 5 questions, shall we start?

G. Here I am, but I'd like to get out of it well .. I'm kidding, I know it's not possible with you. I'm ready.

E. In fact we do not promise, let's get to the point: in 10 lines what does YouAgile want to express?

G. This seems like a question agreed at the desk! I can't count the lines verbally, however I answer: YouAgile is an online marketplace that empowers you to market, sell and buy services, goods, professional services, products and raw materials in safety and is interactive with the multidisciplinary resources that are needed today to stay on the market, at all levels.

• Contracting of qualified professional services

• commercial exchanges of products and services between companies

• funding for start-ups and for business expansion projects

The work environment is international, a collector of interests of the eco-system of the business world, exclusively oriented to Doing Business (Doing Dealing). The connection between the Users takes place in a win-win logic and a real meeting between supply and demand.

E. Describe the context in which it operates (YouAgile) in less than a minute: “veritas brevis” and this is our paraphrase.

G. just to ask me an easy easy question… I can tell you that the Platform identifies and involves all the Stakeholders as an element of guarantee and success. Let me say, public and private organizations in support of economic recovery, trade associations of entrepreneurs, industries, professional associations and interdisciplinary consultants at a global level. YouAgile was born integrated by its definition. To be agile you need to know the routes, the territory and not run alone. We start from the market that is best known as the central focus for a growing trade union. For You Agile, for example, the Italian-European, Brazilian and South American territory, New Zealand, which is also what my partners and I know best. All the common factors of the business for the extension to China and America are progressing. But let's not forget the involvement of visionaries, economists and permanent observers of social and economic mechanisms such as ODEC, or Professionals such as Universities.

E. What impact did technology have in the birth of YouAgile?

G. It is undoubtedly an essential component, but we have also sought a new approach in our concept of technological contribution. The technology implemented, through the design and development of our Technical Partner Studio Roll Ltd of London, allows the user a user-journey without commercial distractions, networking, news and often "self-referential" personal branding paths.

YouAgile technology was developed to make available to its users the necessary tools to go straight to the point: find the counterpart useful for their business growth objectives. Meet the respective business partners to sell or purchase products and / or services reliably and in complete safety. We wanted to create a tailor-made sales office to manage and complete all stages of the purchasing, sales and supply of services and / or products. The orientation to each support to achieve a concrete result for the Users has guided the technological design, not the other way around. In other words, YouAgile is digital, therefore it has its own operating algorithm, but the technical specifications were: simplicity, clarity and a sufficient intuitive process of approach to use for our target.

E. I saw that you have a "Manifesto" and also "Guidelines & Rules" what about this?

G. Pleonastic reply, but true: we believe it. We are committed to favoring for our Users and Stakeholders

• Circular economy and transparency

• Reliable marketplace for immediate recovery

• Participation in commercial tables with appropriate tools

I also want to remind you that our choice to rethink the approach to consulting - and the physical-digital contact mix that YouAgile supports - has found some good reasons in helping to grow in a sustainable way. An example: from Marina Penna of the ENEA Studies, Evaluation and Analysis Unit: "Even a single day a week of smart working would be enough for three quarters of public and private workers who use cars to reduce the number of kilometers traveled in a year by 20%. This would result in savings of approximately 950 tons of fuel, as well as a reduction of over 2.8 million tons of CO2, 550 tons of fine particles and 8,000 tons of nitrogen oxides, with a significant positive impact on the health of the population ".

YouAgile by working wants to contribute to these numbers:

In numbers: $ 10 trillion - some of the remote work will contribute over $ 10 trillion to the economy of 16 countries by 2030; 3.5 billion hours - Flexible working will save around 3.5 billion hours for commuters by 2030; 214 million tons of CO2 - This is the amount of CO2 that could be saved annually from carbon emissions; 5.5 billion trees - The trees that would need to be planted over 10 years to offset that amount of carbon

E. But why did you think about it, what prompted you to make it happen?

G. Ah but then say openly that you also want to look inside the drawers! I could answer you in an academic and "commercial" way, instead I choose to confirm the simplicity expressed by our Manifesto, without sequins: YouAgile was born to find what I was looking for to develop and grow our core business and it wasn't there. My partners approved: "we build a tailor-made environment to do a" good and healthy "business only with qualified Companies and Professionals", go straight to the point, don't waste time .. then the appetite comes with eating and here we are .

E. Are you a charity?

G. No, we are not a charity and the questions had to be 5! Leaving aside the jokes, we are aware that the economic resources are less and less for most against the needs and geopolitical and economic uncertainties on the rise for all. This reflection pushes us to do our best to anticipate long-term change, without fireworks, closed supply and demand after closed supply and demand, and so on until real growth.

And with this pearl of wisdom, I salute you and run away to work. Anyway you will write what you want.

E. In fact we don't tell you. Thank you Gianluca, cheers! p.s. WELCOME YOUAGILE!

G. Ciao Editor!


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