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YouAgile: the innovative Marketplace dedicated to professionals, companies and investors

Times characterised by high volatility and uncertainty imply an even greater need for risk assessment and weighting when deciding to build a new business partnership or expand one's reach within the target market. The world is changing, the need to do business is not. Knowing how to recognise, identify and qualify a business opportunity is therefore increasingly difficult, especially if we add social problems such as the digital divide to the already numerous stresses suffered by the market and - above all - by professionals and businesses.

For these reasons (but not only) it is important to have tools that are easy to use, connected and based on the market's primary need for recovery: doing business.

That’s why YouAgile was born.

YouAgile offers qualified professionals, companies and startuppers the opportunity to meet and forge profitable relationships thanks to the accurate matching system integrated into the platform: a space where you can move around easily to find your ideal business partner.

No matter what your reference market, your offer or your target, YouAgile was created to bring together and facilitate the meeting between supply and demand. How does it do this?

With an affordable registration fee (free if registering as a startup) YouAgile provides an accessible and easy-to-use marketplace and digital office to get straight to the point: doing business. Once you have registered, you simply enter your product or service offering, complete your profile by adding skills, qualifications and competencies and you're done.

YouAgile will present you with the best possible options to get what you're looking for, all from the comfort of your PC or smartphone so you're always connected to your digital office. The smart aspect of the platform makes it an innovative marketplace, always evolving and above all easy to use so you don't waste time and get straight to the point: this is the YouAgile philosophy.

YouAgile differs from the platforms already on the market in its unequivocal desire to create value and generate profit for its users. There will be no need to waste time trying to build interpersonal relationships that are frankly secondary to the need to do business together, within YouAgile we prioritise the need to implement your own volume of work and turnover. No one will forbid you to make friends, but YouAgile will connect professionals and companies based on skills, qualifications and supply/demand, and never on interests or connections that are purely private. The goal of YouAgile will always be to create profitable relationships between individuals and companies, without any hype and at no extra cost.

YouAgile presents itself as a highly inclusive marketplace, open to all possible supply and demand in the marketplace, aiming to include all players in the global economic system with the intention of connecting them and generating value and profit for each of them.

Skills, qualifications and concreteness are the prerequisites for establishing the best possible match between supply and demand within YouAgile. The desire to create an innovative marketplace also stems from the economic and social evolution we are experiencing: the world is changing, the need to do business will never change. For these reasons, YouAgile is an innovative, international, smart, functional and reliable marketplace that allows its users to work and create profitable relationships in an agile and functional way within a constantly connected and evolving environment.

Within YouAgile professionals, companies and startuppers will have the opportunity to build business-oriented relationships wherever they are, with one common goal: doing business.


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