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How YouAgile can improve your personal branding

Personal branding is a vital part of the business cycle of professionals and entrepreneurs nowadays. The pandemic as we know it has drastically altered relationships and consequently the way we used to do business. Online meeting platforms such as Zoom have literally skyrocketed in this period, to fill the need for interaction between business partners.

While this surrogate for face-to-face meetings has handled the enormous weight of the fundamental importance of the relationship with one's partners, on the other hand, there has been no answer to a question that precedes the interpersonal relationship: how do I find the ideal partner for my business?

Dozens and dozens of dedicated platforms sell this service, without considering a fundamental aspect: the qualification of skills. Often within our professional network home pages we are buried with sermons worthy of some gurus, misleading wisdom pills and letters of indignation following bad professional experiences. All this creates interactions and grows the platform, but paradoxically it is driving it away from its customers: professionals and enterprises looking to do business. Personal branding for its own purpose will not help the growth of your sales volume, it will only increase your ego.

YouAgile aims to enter the business networking market precisely to avoid these drifts and to support the connection between professionals and enterprises. The top priority then becomes matching supplies and demands. Through the business-oriented structure of the platform, it will be easier to find the customer or company interested in your product or service and compare them to help you choose the most suitable one for your needs. This is possible thanks to a methodical register of skills, services and information useful for the sole purpose of professionals: make deals.

YouAgile proposes a business networking platform which goes straight to the point: closing deals in a smart way. You will have your virtual office available at any time and place, with the opportunity to find an accredited and certified business partner. This is also possible thanks to the analysis not only of each user’s skills, but also to the internal review system of YouAgile. Indeed, once the deal is done, both the supplier and the customer of a good or service will be called upon to make a mutual assessment, thus allowing YouAgile to provide feedback to both. This process of mutual analysis of skills becomes fundamental to build relationships aimed at expanding the reach of your business partners.

YouAgile wants to foster concreteness and reward the ability to close a business.

Clearly to allow this, users will be free to choose how to finalize their deal: inside or outside the platform.

In a nutshell, how can YouAgile help my personal branding?

YouAgile is the b2b marketplace that aims exclusively to do business. The user is left free to focus exclusively on their core business and skills, which become the digital business card that anyone can see. Practicality is the core principle of the platform, so just rely on the experience gained from your deals to improve your service and increase your online presence and turnover!

Stay tuned! We're coming soon.

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